Post to your Collins

Some How-To’s and FAQs

Wait; what is this?

This, friend, is a Collins. It’s a simple microblog you can set up on your own server in 30 seconds. You can find out more here.

Can I change my Collins’s layout

Sure thing. Easy color changes are in the preferences section of index.php. Feel free to modify the HTML as well!

How do I post?

On the web: That textbox above? Just enter your text and your password.

Via curl:curl -d "text={your message}&password={your password}" -X POST

To make it even easier, add a file to your computer, with this on one line:curl -d "text=$1&password={your password}" -X POST

Then, you can post from your command line like this: sh 'Heading to the Mountain Goats tonight. Hoping they play Last Man On Earth!'

What if I forget my password?

You’ll need to SSH in to your server and find the $password value at the top of index.php.

Also, we recommend adding it to your password manager!

Can I edit or delete a post?

Sure! But you’ll need to SSH in to your server, find the right line in messages.txt and edit/delete it there. We believe in you.

If I have a question not on here, can I email you?

Yyyyes, but I’m terrible at email, so I can’t promise I’ll get back to you. Sorry! Email is my first name at my domain.